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Pulse Throw App Updates

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By Kyle Lindley, PULSE Product Manager

What’s new?

Two new features were added to PULSE Throw iOS version 8.8:

  • Battery Level Indicators
  • Add Workload – Duplicate Day

We are constantly working to make your workload management experience as simple, robust, and pain-free as possible—this time, we’ve added battery level indicators to show if the sensor needs to be charged so data does not get missed, as well as an easier way to add workload data to an athlete’s profile if they throw without their sensor.

Battery Level Indicators

After you open the PULSE Throw app and go to an athlete profile, you should see a red outline of a sensor with a gray ‘X’ in it, showing that a sensor is not currently connected to the phone. After connecting a sensor, the sensor icon will show how much battery is left.

Based on the number of bars in the sensor icon, you can determine if there is enough charge to get through the throwing workout without charging:

Full: 5 – 8 hours of use remaining*

Sufficient: 3 – 5 hours of use remaining*

Low: 1-2 hours of use remaining*

Critical: < 45 min of use remaining*

Critical: No battery left, charge before throwing

*Battery life time estimates are based on new and slightly used sensors. Battery life capacity decreases over the lifetime of the sensor.

Note: Any time the sensor is off the charger, it is powered on and the battery will lose charge. To keep the sensor at full charge it must be left on the charger.

Add Workload – Duplicate Day

You can now copy a previous day’s data to a later date. This feature was added to make it easier to fill in missing workload data if an athlete is unable to wear their sensor for a throwing session or if the sensor does not capture throws. 

Example: You’re an athlete and today you threw Plyo Ball ® and longtoss, but you forgot your sensor at home. This is a common throwing routine for you on your low intensity days, so last week you completed an almost identical routine. Instead of missing out on today’s workload data, you can copy your similar workout from last week to today’s date, which serves as a good estimate for today’s workload.

How to add workload to a day of throwing:

  1. On the main screen, navigate to the day that you want to add data to
  2. Click “Add Workload”
  3. Click “Add Workload” at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click “Duplicate Day” at the top of the screen (example in screenshot below)
  5. Click on the date at the top of the screen, and select the date you want to copy
  6. Review the day that you’re looking to copy
  7. Click “Done”
  8. Confirm the added workload with the check mark on the top right corner of the screen

Let’s hear from you

If you have any feedback on these new features or the rest of the PULSE Throw app, please contact support@drivelinebaseball.com to let us know what you think!

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