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What is K-Vest?

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K-Vest is a mobile biomechanics lab; it provides precise data on a hitter’s movements. Coaches and players get instant and specific feedback on how the hitter’s body moves.

Four different bluetooth sensors attached to the athlete’s tailbone, upper back, lead arm, and lead hand provide kinematic sequencing data, rotational velocities, (measured in degrees per second), and body positions during the heel strike, first move, and contact positions of the swing.

How We Use K-Vest at Driveline

K-Vest is a staple in our hitting assessment for establishing a baseline of biomechanics data. During 1-on-1 swing design sessions, hitters can see measurable progress in their mechanics and sequencing.

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“We like K-Vest because it gives us exact measurements of body positions in real time. We use it for biofeedback and for providing context for hitters by pairing their measurements to high speed video.”

– Max Dutto, Driveline Hitting Coordinator

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“K-Vest in an incredible tool because you can get real-time feedback on exactly how the body is moving during the swing. It takes the guess-work out of it, and it expedites the learning process for the player and coach as they tie together the feel with the real.”

– Jason Ochart, Driveline Director of Hitting

Why K-Vest Instead of Video?

K-Vest provides objective data that video cannot. For example, a coach is working with a hitter to get his torso rotating faster. The feedback that’s provided via video while useful, remains subjective; the coach and hitter won’t know exactly how fast the hitter’s torso is rotating, or if it’s improving.

K-Vest provides actionable, tangible training goals and enables the coach and hitter to quantify progress. Because it captures movements that iPhone video cannot, you can see improvement at a more granular level. When used in conjunction with each other, K-Vest and video accelerates athletes’ learning curves.

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