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Driveline Seminar List for the 2014 Offseason

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With the hiring of my new business partner Mike Rathwell, I’ve been able to get a lot more work done on my flagship velocity book and video set (due out December 1st), wrap up a lot of internal research projects, and generally clean house around the facility.

We’ve re-upped our lease at our 239 W. Stewart Ave location in Puyallup, WA, so we’re there for one more year! That’s a huge relief and a big chunk of work off the plate.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to speak at a number of seminars, half of which I’ve turned down for various reasons and the fact that my wife is 9 months pregnant (due date just passed a few days ago… yikes), so traveling abroad a lot is not necessarily ideal at this time of the year! I’m open to doing more in early 2015, so if your organization is interested, feel free to reach out.

Without further ado, here’s the Driveline seminar list for the remainder of the 2014 offseason – it’s a great list and I’m extremely excited to speak at all of the events:

Eastlake Chargers – Elkhart, IN – October 24th-26th

Eastlake Chargers

This will be a three-day event and my largest exclusive seminar with free access to my training methods, extensive Q&A sessions, and hands-on work with 60-80 athletes. It’s going to be the best Driveline training-specific seminar this off-season without question.

  • Friday, October 24th: Workshop for College and High School Coaches – 2-3 hours
  • Saturday, October 25th: Main Seminar + Hands-On Work – 5 hours, two sessions available
  • Sunday, October 26th: Strength and Conditioning Hands-On Training, Wrap-Up Lecture, Huge Q&A Blowout – 5 hours

You can read all about the details on this comprehensive write-up on the Eastlake Chargers website.

Justin Barber (Director of Operations) was gracious enough to open this up to the public and worked really hard to keep it price-sensitive, so to attend the three-day workshop it will cost you just $89 as a coach. I’m a little biased about my work, but that’s one hell of a price for a three-day seminar held at a world class facility with tons of athletes available for demonstration if you ask me!

Sign up for Elkhart, IN – October 24th-26th | Follow them on Twitter @IEChargerBSB

Pitch-A-Palooza – Franklin, TN – December 5th-7th

PitchAPalooza 2014

A few months ago, Lantz Wheeler tweeted out that Pitch-A-Palooza would make the ABCA lineup of speakers “look like a joke.” I was pretty sure he was blowing smoke… but I got wind of the final roster October 1st – and he made good on his promise. Here are the pitching instructors speaking at the event:

  • Paul Nyman, one of the first Internet pitching gurus and my occasional nemesis
  • Scott Brown, pitching coach of the 2014 College World Series champion Vanderbilt Commodores
  • Derek Johnson, former PC at Vanderbilt, current pitching coordinator for the Chicago Cubs
  • Matt Blake, director of pitching development at Cressey Performance
  • Graeme Lehman, research nerd and good friend of mine
  • Kevin Erminio, pitching coach at Kennesaw State University
  • Blake Herring, pitching coach at Carson Newman University
  • Lantz Wheeler, director of the whole shebang and owner of Baseball Think Tank
  • Me, some biomechanics hacker and velocity developer

That’s one hell of a lineup and will include time at a baseball facility for hands-on demonstrations. At $299, the conference is already a must-attend based on the speakers and itinerary I’ve outlined above.

Except, well… Lantz decided to include a full hitting program as well, including my favorite hitting coach based on approach alone – Matt Deggs of Sam Houston State, formerly the hitting coach at UL Lafayette. Don’t recall what the heck UL Lafayette did last year? They finished the regular season ranked #1, squeaking in ahead of Oregon State in the last week of the season. Oh yeah, and the hitting stats they put up were… decent…

Hitting at ULL

A conversation I had with a major Division-I pitching coach halfway through the 2014 season:

“Do you know who UL Lafayette is?”

I responded: “Yeah, I have bet on their football team a bunch and lost. Besides that, no.”

He said: “Take a look at their hitting stats. Particularly home runs across the board.”

A quick Google check later… “What the hell is this?!”

“I know, right? What is Deggs teaching there?”

Super excited to find out for myself. I suggest you do the same.

Get more information and sign up for Pitch-A-Palooza | Follow Lantz on Twitter @LantzWheeler

European Baseball Coaches Clinic – Rotterdam, Netherlands – December 12th-14th

Extremely excited to be speaking at my first overseas seminar where many greats in MLB have gone before me, including Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays, and Jerry Weinstein of the Colorado Rockies (who will be speaking at the same event as me). Many thanks go to Tom O’Connell and friend Steve Janssen (coach of the Dutch National Team) for setting this up.

More information will be available on the International Sports Group website soon!

And last, but certainly not least…

American Baseball Coaches Association – Orlando, FL – January 2nd – 5th

ABCA Convention

ABCA is the biggest conference for baseball coaches in the United States and probably the world. I’m extremely excited to attend for the first time, and I won’t be speaking here! We’ll actually be renting a huge 20 ft x 10 ft pavilion on the left in the first room at ABCA, where we plan to set up the following stuff:

  • Big-screen TV demonstrating tons of hands-on drills, research we’ve done, and various scheduled events we’ll be holding
  • A pitching screen with tarp cover to have live Plyo Ball ® demos with current professional pitchers staffing our booth
  • Arm Recovery station to demo our partners’ equipment with special ABCA-only offers (PowerPlay Compression Ice Sleeves, Marc Pro EMS Units)
  • Unveiling a HUGE new product/service
  • Unveiling our flagship book and video set with a one-time HUGE discount available ONLY to current college pitching coaches
  • All of our products (PlyoCare ®, Driveline Elite Weighted Balls, new prototypes we’re keeping secret…) for sale
  • And tons, tons more….

We plan on having at least five full-time staffers on site including professional pitchers we train, former college pitchers who work for us, and the two business partners who are in charge of this crazy mess (Mike and me).

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that we’re the exclusive partner at ABCA of some company you may have heard of:

Jaeger Sports

That’s right – we’re going to be the exclusive partner and seller of Jaeger Sports J-Bands as well as other bonus equipment Alan will be supplying us with.

All of this is what’s currently firmed up – and we have a lot more potential opportunities in the pipeline. We can’t give away ALL the secrets, but we’ll be leaking it slowly to our mailing list – so sign up at the bottom of the page NOW if you haven’t – it’s free and you get a complimentary copy of our Weighted Baseball eBook. 

If you’re a current college or pro coach and plan to attend ABCA, we want to hear from you – contact us today. We have some special offers available for you!

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      • Cromulent -

        Well that is good news. Great news in fact. The boy can learn in Indiana, and hopefully show off progress in Ohio.

        Is it important for a 12U to hit that Indy session on Sunday? Hadn’t really been planning on reintroducing lifting until summer/fall 2016.

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