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THT Article: The Velocity Loss Phenomenon

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I know everyone here reads my Hardball Times articles – and is subscribed to my THT RSS feed – right, right?

Well, just in case you forgot that I write there, you can check out my latest article titled The Velocity Loss Phenomenon. My article talks about Dylan Bundy and another professional pitcher, and their “unorthodox” training methods that got them to where they are – and why it scares big league teams off.

In the near future, look for an article on crude biomechanical analysis as applied to the 2nd pick overall in the 2011 MLB Draft: Danny Hultzen of the Seattle Mariners (formerly the University of Virginia).

Here’s the teaser image:

Danny Hultzen - Maximum Knee Height
Danny Hultzen – Maximum Knee Height

But you have to subscribe to my RSS feed or pay close attention to THT for it!

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