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Link: The Truth About "Quick Feet"

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Eric Cressey linked a great Q&A newsletter from Mike Boyle about agility training and quick feet. I don’t want to plagiarize it all, but this part is absolutely worth quoting:

The best solution to slow feet is to get stronger legs. Feet don’t matter. Legs matter. Think about it this way: If you stand at the starting line and take a quick first step but fail to push with the back leg, you don’t go anywhere. The reality is that a quick first step is actually the result of a powerful first push. We should change the buzzwords and start to say “that kid has a great first push.” Lower body strength is the real cure for slow feet and the real key to speed and to agility. The essence of developing quick feet lies in single-leg strength and single-leg stability work… landing skills. If you cannot decelerate, you cannot accelerate – at least not more than once.

It’s all about training for strength and power in the lower body. Sound familiar?

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