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Not Using High-Speed Video? You're Missing 5 MPH.

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We use high-speed video in our Pitching Program and also make it available to our Semi-Private Training groups at low or no cost. As I’ve said many times on this site, if you aren’t using at least regular-speed video to check your mechanics, you’re wasting your time. And if you have a pitching coach who just catches your bullpen or goes through drills with you without using video… you’re wasting your money AND your time.

That’s how serious I feel about video analysis.

However, standard video isn’t enough. Shooting video at 30 frames per second (FPS) is insufficient for real analysis of your pitching mechanics. Why?

Francisco Liriano - Video Blur
Francisco Liriano - Video Blur!

That’s why. When you take video of the blindingly-fast internal rotation of the arm at upwards of 1100 degrees/sec, you get something like the above picture. How can you accurately determine timing? How about Shoulder Maximum External Rotation? What about the precise moment of footstrike or ball release?

It’s impossible. Without high-speed cameras, you’re just making broad guesses based on faulty video – or worse, no video!

Can using high-speed video result in +5 MPH on your fastball?

Yes. One of our HS pitchers preparing for the college season just underwent a biomechanical analysis of his pitching motion – complete with sticky reflective markers all over his body. (This service will be available to the public soon in our Pitching Program – yet another reason why you should join a Semi-Private Training group – to get early access to training techniques at low or no cost!) We identified a major flaw in his mechanics – his glove arm shoulder was opening far too early into foot strike. After some drills to get the feel of the shoulders rotating later, he got on the hill and was immediately throwing 3-5 MPH faster. It was a scary change, to be honest – I know, because I was catching his bullpen!

This is a change we made in just one day. After he refines his mechanics and trains hard, he’ll be throwing even harder.

If you’re not using high-speed video, you’re leaving fastball velocity on the table. Train at Driveline Baseball and get the edge in training and technology.

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