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Curtis Granderson's Experience with 5/3/1

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Curtis Granderson
Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson takes his strength training seriously.

This past winter I had the unique privilege of working with Curtis Granderson as he was about to switch teams from the Detroit Tigers to the New York Yankees. Curtis graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has been a constant source of inspiration for all of our athletes here. In the past, he had come in and performed his own workout, which had been given to him by his strength coaches in the pros. However, when he came in this past winter, he said flat out that he needed to get stronger and faster and that he would do whatever it took to get there.

I’ve seen how some professionals train so I didn’t know what to expect. Curtis changed the way I view the work ethic of professional athletes. From day one, he busted his butt on everything I threw at him from the 5/3/1 systemto short Prowler sprints. Not only was he working to better himself, but my other athletes would come in and see the way that he worked. He became a real life inspiration for them to push harder as well.

It’s an excellent article over on EliteFTS and I suggest reading it in its entirety. It shows what benefits athletes can obtain by getting on a good strength training routine like 5/3/1.

And before all the haters come out of the woodwork and say that he’s having a terrible year, remember that he’s in the AL East (the toughest division in baseball) while his advanced fielding numbers are still quite good (DRS has him at +6 while UZR likes him a bit more at +14.9 so far in 2010). He’s putting up 3.2 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) in 2010 according to Fangraphs, and that’s pretty darn good for a “bad year.”

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