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Link: Unstable Surface Training

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My friend and colleague Cameron at SFB Fitness has written a great piece on personal trainers and how they implement crazy techniques that impress the average gym-goer but don’t get actual results. The first target of his investigation? Unstable surface training.

While I have no doubt that Cameron’s whole series will be good, this article in particular is great. Occasionally I’ll go to the local LA Fitness to swim, row on the Concept2 (hey, they cost ~$5000 new!), throw medicine balls in their racquetball courts (that one gets some glares), or shoot hoops with some buddies. I always – and I do mean always – see personal trainers with their clients using the BOSU ball for some ridiculous exercise.

Yeah, I bet this is useful.

Anyway, I don’t want to steal the spotlight. Read Cameron’s article about it, and stay tuned to his website for further additions in the series!

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