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Hitting Kit

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Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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Everything you need to follow our free programming and become a better hitter!

Use this kit to test skills in week 1, build skills in week 2-5, retest in week 6, and blend to be ready for competition in weeks 7 and 8 during off-season. Maintain Skills and Speed Maintenance in-season 8 weeks at a time!

  • Improve Bat Speed, Bat to Ball Skills, Swing Decisions and Competition Skills


  • Driveline Hitting PlyoCare® Balls

    Athlete Set (3 sets of 4)
  • Driveline Mini Hitting Plyo Balls ®

    Set of 6
  • Axe Bat Long Trainer

    In stock (can be backordered)

  • Axe Bat Short Trainer

    Available on backorder

  • Smash Factor Balls™

  • Axe Bat Speed Trainers

  • Birdman Smash Bat

  • Axe Bat Wood Training Bats

  • Blast Motion Bat Sensor

Available on backorder


Everything you need to follow our 6-Week Hitting Program! Save over 7% with this kit compared to buying items separately!

Additional information

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare® Balls

Weight 311 oz

Athlete Set (3 sets of 4)

Driveline Mini Hitting Plyo Balls ®

Weight 48 oz

Set of 6

Axe Bat Long Trainer

Weight 40 oz

Axe Bat Short Trainer

Weight 40 oz

Smash Factor Balls™

Weight 48 oz

1 Dozen, 5 Dozen, 10 Dozen

Smash Factor Ball Weight

3 oz Each


2.9 inches (same as a real baseball)


Made of Polyurethane (spongy material) specficially designed for Driveline Baseball

Expected Lifespan

1000 uses in pitching machine – Note: There is an increased risk of breakage in a dirty pitching machine or if hit incorrectly on an end cap/cupped bat.

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Axe Bat Speed Trainers

Weight 100 oz

32", 33", 34"

Birdman Smash Bat

Weight 50 oz

33", 27oz, 34", 28oz

Axe Bat Wood Training Bats

Weight 50 oz

Barrel Load, Handle Load, Smash Trainer, Bazooka Trainer, Short Trainer


28", 33", 34"

Blast Motion Bat Sensor

Weight 5.6 oz

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