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Driveline Software Team Developer Notes: June 2021

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Pitch charts

Welcome to the second edition of the Driveline Software Team Developer Notes. These posts will keep you updated on all things Driveline Software, whether it’s TRAQ, EDGE or Motus, and give you a heads-up on what to expect next month.

Coming Soon

Next month you can look forward to an upgrade to our workout builder that will allow trainers to create up to four workouts from the same module.


We spent the last month developing some major upgrades to one of our existing integrations. Stay tuned for more information.


We have overhauled our Pitch Charts EDGE Report for our TrackMan users and are excited to announce that it is ready. We have also added some new metrics to our Hitting Snapshots.

Pitch Charts Remodel

Pitch Charts is an extremely dynamic EDGE Report that provides a complete selection of analysis pages and certain types of pitcher focuses (everyone, home team, away team, main pitcher). It works off TrackMan game .csv file uploads. It can be found here on the EDGE tab for TRAQ X users:

And it recently just got a huge aesthetic upgrade. Upload a .csv file and generate any arrangement of data visualization and tabular data per unique pitcher, game, and pitch type.

Rapsodo/TrackMan Hitting Snapshots: New Stats

In our last series of developer notes, we mentioned that our solo HitTrax batted ball reports had several new metrics:

  • Pull/Middle/Oppo splits (overall and HHB specific)
  • Maximum recorded exit velocity
  • HHB specific launch directions (or spray angles)

These are all now included on the Rapsodo and TrackMan reports as well.

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