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Driveline Software Team Developer Notes: May 2021

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Welcome to the first edition of the Driveline Software Team Developer Notes! These posts will keep you updated on all things Driveline Software, whether it is TRAQ, EDGE, or Motus, and give you a heads up on what to expect next month.   


The last month has been a big one for our TRAQ team. Here are some of the changes we made:

Notification Center

The new Notification Center feature helps trainers and coaches stay up to date with any changes made by their players, whether it is new data being uploaded or the athlete running out of programming.


We have added Tooltips throughout TRAQ—you can recognize them by the ℹ icon. Click on the Tooltip to learn more about how to use each feature.  

Side Menu

The menu on the left side of the screen has been reorganized. We grouped some of the features by type to streamline the options a bit. 


We deployed fixes to bugs affecting viewing media and EDGE reports in TRAQ.  

Coming Soon

We have some very large changes coming in time for the summer months! Stay tuned for more information on a revamped Workout builder, an expanded Motus integration, and faster load times. 


We have some big updates to EDGE reports coming soon in TRAQ. Here’s a quick preview.

Driveline Pitching Snapshot

The qualitative notes from our Driveline Pitching Snapshot (which currently ingests Trackman, Rapsodo, and Diamond Kinetics data) have seen a significant revamp. For reference, here is a before:

And an after picture:

We attempted to give more specific movement-based pitch type denotations (ie a slurve vs a true slider vs a slutter) and to bake in more traditional scouting-oriented language.

HitTrax Hitting Snapshots

Our Driveline Hitting Snapshot now includes a HitTrax option—which means you can generate:

  • HitTrax batted ball reports
  • HitTrax/Blast batted ball + swing reports
  • HitTrax/DK batted ball + swing reports

While our Trackman Hitting and Rapsodo Hitting solo batted ball reports include metrics based on those technology-singular outputs (Batted Ball Spin), the HitTrax solo batted ball report has several metrics and graphs based on point of contact and hard-hit point of contact distributions.

Our solo HitTrax batted ball reports also include several new metrics that will be included in the following iteration of Trackman Hitting and Rapsodo Hitting’s batted ball reports:

  • Pull/Middle/Oppo splits (overall and HHB specific)
  • Maximum recorded exit velocity
  • HHB specific launch directions (or spray angles)

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