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What are the differences in TRAQ Tiers?

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TRAQ underwent noticeable changes in 2020, including the integration of EDGE, built-in biomechanics, and new tiers. Read on as we walk you through the different tiers of TRAQ: Basic, S, and X.

Free Tiers

TRAQ Basic

The free version of TRAQ gives athletes and facilities with less than 10 athletes access to base workout templates and the ability to integrate with Driveline PULSE. 

While a TRAQ Basic subscription offers many TRAQ features for free, it does not allow you the ability to create custom workouts, integrate tech data, or get advanced reporting.

Paid Tiers


Each of the two paid tiers, TRAQ S and TRAQ X, comes with tech integrations such as Rapsodo, Trackman, Blast, and many others.

In addition to tech integrations, a TRAQ S or TRAQ X subscription allows much more customizability with your TRAQ facility, including the ability to have multiple trainer accounts and create custom Data Inputs and Assessments.

This ability allows you to use your current assessment and screening processes in TRAQ. You can build out any input you want to make sure you are collecting the data you want, in the form you want to collect it.

Utilize any of that data—along with any tech data in TRAQ—to create dashboards and goals for your athletes to empower them in their development. Use dashboards to show potential recruits tangible evidence of how your program utilizes data to maximize athlete development and how you can improve their career.


TRAQ X introduces some of the biggest changes to TRAQ—EDGE tools. It has Driveline EDGE reporting built-in. Any facility can tap into Driveline’s R&D Department and give the same multi-page reports to their players that our athletes receive in-gym.

This means you can quickly and easily provide your athletes with world-class insights using the tech data already stored in an athlete’s profile.

With TRAQ X, all the reports are included, with no limit to the number of reports you can generate. 

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    • Driveline Baseball -

      Thanks for the heads up John! Navigate to the TRAQ page and select if you are school or facility. The tiers and features will be on each of those pages.

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