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TRAQ has been upgraded for 2020. It’s powerful integrations save you time–storing your player development data in all one place. It has a built-in biomechanics engine. 

And, if you’re a coach, our embedded analytics make it even easier to see areas where your players can improve.

TRAQ Was Built to Do 3 Jobs Great

Save you time — you can program a single pitcher in 5 clicks and your whole team’s fall (pitching, hitting, strength) in 30 minutes. And it’s immediately available on your athletes’ phones. 

Whatever technology you have, it either automatically integrates or can be uploaded in seconds. TRAQ is a central place to store your team’s data…and generate insights across devices. 

Analyze your player data – With our new TRAQ X tier, customers can get Driveline’s analysis of their TRAQ data, using the same set of tools that we use in Kent. What’s possible?

Get More from a Single Piece of Tech

  • Bat sensor: get a complete picture of your swing plus an expected batted ball profile. Learn what drills to do to fix your biggest weaknesses. 
  • Rapsodo Pitching: get recommendations of pitch profiles that work better for you and the grips to try and make those changes.
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Get Insights by Combining Data Sources
  • Bat sensor + Batted Ball Data: Learn what swing flaws are creating your consistent snap-hook grounders and oppo flares.

Free, Good-Enough Biomechanics Reports

Want to get a pretty good look at your pitcher’s biomechanics? All you need is TRAQ and an iPhone camera. PitchAI will be included in all TRAQ subscriptions, including our free service.

Set it up for bullpens, during Plyo Ball ® work or catch play—and start capturing cheap, accurate biomechanics data over time. 

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Not only is it valuable now to help pitchers understand their motion—but it’s valuable later, helping struggling pitchers chart a path back to a time they performed well.

All for a Single Low Price

Driveline stands committed to helping your program thrive in the 2020-2021 season. 

Your training gear, your tech, and a place to write programs and deepen your insight into player performance—all available at one low price. 

When you buy from 6 different companies, 6 different companies need to make a profit. When you buy bundles from Driveline, you get equipment, education, software and analysis plus great customer service all for one single price. 

Whether you’re interested in pitching, hitting, or both, TRAQ has affordable bundles for any team budget. 

And since it’s 2020 and team budgets are being cut—we won’t be beat on price. We want your team to train with the best. 

Bring us any valid invoice and we’ll match the price.

Or tell us what your budget is this year and we’ll get something done.

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