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Driveline Baseball Acquires Motus Sensor Platform

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Kent, WA Driveline Baseball has completed an acquisition of the sports sensor platform and associated business of Motus Global. 

For years, we have been using Motus’ sensor technology to augment our throwing programs, and authored a peer-reviewed validation study which demonstrated that the sensor product showed significant correlation to our in-gym motion capture lab. 

CEO of Driveline Baseball Mike Rathwell had this to say, “We are excited to be the next home for Motus’ market-leading sensor technology. I believe that combined we have the potential to truly alter the way the game is played: lowering the overall cost for high-quality throwing programming and creating a more accurate system for monitoring health and performance of pitchers.” 

Driveline will be expanding its research into throwing performance and injury prevention using the Motus sensor and has established three short-term objectives: 

  • Deepen the body of research surrounding the sensor, correlating Motus’ metrics to Driveline’s internal performance models
  • Innovate on the Dash subscription models
  • Bring new functionality to the Motus App and Dash products

This begins a new era in Driveline’s history. One that will be marked by:

  • Improving our year-round training solutions for athletes
  • Lowering the cost of integrated player development software
  • Increasing the accuracy and accessibility of our technologies

About Driveline Baseball: Driveline Baseball is a baseball performance company located in Kent, WA. Founded in 2009. Driveline trains thousands of baseball players each year, including hundreds of professionals, and works with many of the top colleges in the country in building their player development systems.

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