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Driveline Baseball Podcast- EP. 21

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Driveline Baseball Podcast episode 21: On this weeks episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast Mike and Kyle discuss the new overlay tool Kyle built to display Rapsodo metrics over Edgertronic footage. How does this help our coaches in the gym? and what do our athletes think about it? Listen to the episode below to find out. We had the pleasure of welcoming on another Driveline Pro Day signee this week. Kevin Kelleher a pitcher in the LA Angels organization join us to talk about his journey from contemplating retirement to travelling over 3,000 miles to give his career one last shot. Kevin was a standout performer on Pro Day and was one of the first to be signed from the event. To wrap up this weeks show we cap it off from a twitter post from Kyle talking about Coaches not embracing competition for their jobs. Wanna get the whole episode? hit the icons below to listen to the show.

Episode Resources:

Driveline’s Edgertronic Overlay Tool: Want to see our overlay tool in action click here

Kevin Kelleher: Follow Kevin on Twitter to follow along with his journey in pro ball 

Letters From Twitter: Wanna learn more about Kyle’s thread? hit here to see where it all started

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