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Early Results from The Dynamic Pitcher!

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Update: Since the release of this post, our Dynamic Pitcher program has been updated and relaunched as Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth. The links have been updated, references to The Dynamic Pitcher have been swapped for Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth where appropriate.

Showtime Baseball 11U, run by Erik Noren, trains at the Driveline Baseball facility under our Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth program (formerly the The Dynamic Pitcher). Erik and I have talked on and off for a few months, and we finally decided to come to a partnership with 9 of his players, most of whom pitch. Erik loved our website and blog and wanted a science-based approach to training kids, rather than your average pitching coach who relies on what he hears or what he did when he played. As most of you know, Driveline Baseball’s training programs were all developed over constant iteration, experimentation, and science-based methods using the most state-of-the-art tools available (high-speed cameras, EMG sensors, multi-camera synchronized video analysis tools, manual therapy, etc).

As the Showtime Baseball team trends away from the pure arm strength portion of the program, we decided to record some velocities and results – and after two months, they’ve been staggering:

 TDP Results

Yup – that’s an average gain of +3.78 MPH, and many of the pitchers complained of arm pain / fatigue before we started the program, and now NONE of them have a single complaint! We even had a pitcher touch 65 MPH the other day – and those results aren’t even factored into the above graph!

Results just keep rolling in day after day. We’re switching to the blended period where we are focusing on command/control, and the limited data shows that the kids are throwing more strikes than ever. Of course, like any responsible trainer/coach, I am recording all my results for future study and analysis. (Can your pitching coach say the same thing?)

There’s still time to add Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth to your off-season training program.


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