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New Video Analysis Techniques in Our Lab (Facility Update, 11/14/13)

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Our biomechanics lab is in the process of getting a rather large upgrade. I’ve been head down on building a custom high-speed video solution for our lab, which as of next week will include these cameras:

  • Four synchronized high-speed cameras that feed into a central video server, shooting at 180 FPS from these fixed angles: Overhead, Front, Rear, First Base View
  • Two tripod high-speed cameras that shoot at 120/240 FPS for quick review
  • Two tripod high-speed camcorders that shoot full HD (1080p) video at 60 FPS or high-speed video at 300 FPS with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing athletes to directly connect and download videos off the system using their smartphones

The throwing cage has been a lot of manual labor to build and get right, and I’m happy to say we’re 95% of the way done with it. Here’s an older picture of the cage from a few days ago:

The Lab

As stated in previous posts, we also have EMG sensor units from Somaxis that we’ll be rolling out in the near future to measure actual muscle activity in the pitching delivery. These EMG sensors will also form the backbone of evaluating our training methods to ensure that our athletes get the best benefit.

I think it’s safe to say that we push the envelope when it comes to measuring performance and training efficiency. There aren’t too many other facilities out there that offer eight high-speed cameras for analysis purposes, advanced weighted baseball training, specifically-tailored mobility/recovery protocols, and the many, many other things we do. We call it the Elite Velocity Development program, but it’s so much more.

Remember, there’s only four months left before the HS season is underway. Don’t waste any more time.

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