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MaxVelo News and Notes (8/3/2013)

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Since the off-season is rapidly approaching (or is here for many athletes), it’s time to start recapping things on a regular basis in our News and Notes column!

Open House Reminder

Our Velocity Development Open House is THIS SUNDAY at 11 AM at RIPS Baseball. Please let us know if you plan on attending so we can set up enough chairs and have refreshments available for everyone! It should last 60-90 minutes and will include a brief hands-on period.

New Data Collection Tools

We are anticipating a shipment of three surface electromyography (sEMG) sensors for use in lab testing at Driveline Baseball. These sensors, made by Somaxis, will help us get even more detail about our training methods and pitching mechanics by measuring muscle activity.

Somaxis EMG Sensors

Combining this technology with our high-speed video cameras and wearable computers will help us improve the world’s best velocity program!

How many pitching coaches and trainers do you know out there that does into this much detail when analyzing their own programs? Just another reason why Driveline Baseball is home to Elite Velocity Development.

Congratulations to Chris Carns and Herbie Good

Chris Carns (Decatur HS, 2014) hit 93 MPH in a recent Washington State University baseball tournament and has been selected to help represent the Pacific Northwest at the Area Code Games tournament for the Royals!

Chris Carns

Herbie Good (Auburn Mountainview HS, 2015) hit 90 MPH twice in pulldowns despite a nagging hip and sore legs from running earlier in the day. Herbie went from a 71 MPH pulldown in October 2012 to 90 MPH pulldowns in August 2013. That’s 19 MPH in 10 months for those counting at home.

Herbie Good - 90 MPH

We’re very pleased with their results, but we’re proud of their work ethic – second to none!

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