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ART, PT, Graston, Chiro, Massage Pro Needed (Driveline Baseball / RIPS Baseball)

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Here’s a job ad for Driveline Baseball / RIPS Baseball – please pass it around to your friends and colleagues!


Our select baseball facility (12,000+ square feet w/ offices, gym, cages, open areas) is moving to a brand-new location in Tukwila, WA – right near Southcenter Mall. We have over 120 clients in our training program along with many more walk-in customers who rent cages on their own and take lessons with our professional and collegiate coaches. I am the newly-hired Director of Strength and Conditioning who is seeking someone with great Physical Therapy skills – preferably certified to offer: Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, Sports Massage, Chiropractor Services, etc.

We are offering a space to operate your practice out of with a great set of starting equipment – massage table, medicine ball rebounder, full set of medicine balls (large and small), full complement of free weights, Crossover Symmetry resistance bands, and much more. You’ll be working closely with me, the Director of S&C, to ensure that we make services available to our athletes at a competitive price that will keep them healthy and performing at the highest possible level.

The ideal candidate will want to run their main business out of our location or will run a satellite office from the Tukwila facility. In exchange for rent paid to us, we would like to trade services and set up a solid referral program. You’d be getting the exposure of many high-level clients (tons of top 10 round draft picks, college players, and elite high school players have gone – and continue to go through – our program), a great location (right near Southcenter Mall), and low start-up costs, since we’d prefer if little cash traded hands.

If you are interested, please send your resume (with at least two professional references) to kyle@drivelinebaseball.com. If you have a website/blog, so much the better.

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