Ubaldo Jimenez, Lost Velocity, and the Need for Dedicated Video Review

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My post on Ubaldo Jimenez’s lost 96 MPH fastball went up today over at The Hardball Times. In it, I talked about the need for dedicated video review by an analyst in the Player Development department of every MLB club. I strongly believe MLB teams should set up two high-speed video cameras that take film from behind home plate and from the side of the pitchers mound; if they did this, they could capture a significant amount of kinematic data that would be useful for pitching mechanics analysis, injury review, and player development.

Ubaldo Jimenez

It really shocks me that this hasn’t happened yet.

At any rate, check out the post if you haven’t yet, as well as new high-speed videos over at our YouTube channel. And follow us on Twitter – @drivelinebases!

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