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Life, The Fastball Training Book, and Plans for 2012

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I said in my last post that I hoped to update this blog twice per week. Sadly, with my more-than-full-time day job consuming many hours per week and my nearly-five month old son demanding much of my free time (not to mention running the Elite Baseball Training program), this is going to be nothing more than a pipe dream. I’m primarily making this post so I can outline a few major things for current and future readers to take into account:

  • Blog updates will be sporadic at best, but I am working on a series of permanent articles called The Basics that covers simple concepts about weight training, speed/agility work, pitching mechanics, and so forth.
  • I’m formally announcing that I am writing a comprehensive fastball velocity development book, scheduled to be completed mid-late 2012. Unlike most popular baseball training books, it will have a very specific workout regimen that covers weight training, weighted implement throwing concepts, long toss / high intensity throwing protocols, flexibility/mobility techniques, and so forth. I’m hoping to write the book that hasn’t yet been written; one that goes into great detail on programming (when to throw, how much to throw, when/how to lift, etc) while being very baseball-specific. Expect tons of cited work from published research papers as well as never before seen case studies completed at the Driveline Baseball facility. I’m excited about this project, but continually writing blog posts distracted significantly from it, so they’re being pushed aside for the near future. I will be self-publishing this book and it will be available on Amazon or directly from us. For up to date information, sign up for the Driveline Baseball Newsletter on the right sidebar of this website.
  • My eBook on weighted baseball throwing is nearly complete and will be available for free on this site. Again, for updates, sign up for the mailing list on the right sidebar of this website.
  • For the sabermetrically-inclined, I’m working very hard this offseason on a comprehensive simulator that automatically integrates with your fantasy league, telling you which starting pitchers to stream, which platoon players to start vs. expected competition, and so forth. This project has been in development for over a year, but my partner and I hope to push this out by the end of Q1 2012.

Thanks for your understanding, and I look forward to bringing you a ton of great content – including a physical book – in 2012.

Driveline Baseball is still accepting clients in the Elite Baseball Training program and has been offering more private lessons than we traditionally do, so please contact us for more information if you’d like to train here or receive private pitching/hitting lessons.

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