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Advanced Baseball Injury Database: Release Point Corrections Implemented

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The Advanced Baseball Injury Database has had a major problem since it’s debuted – the release point PITCHf/x metrics were uncorrected. They needed to be corrected because the PITCHf/x cameras were not properly synchronized between each team’s home park, and even game-to-game adjustments were necessary to get relatively accurate data. This has been a project I mostly gave up on until I started up work on it last month, and my fellow writer at The Hardball Times, Max Marchi, has graciously provided me with a set of release point corrections based on his methodology partially outlined in this article.

He sent them to me last night, and I implemented them in our database as of this evening. You can check out the Advanced Injury Baseball Database and search for a player you’re interested in – for example, Tim Lincecum – and see the new results.

Advanced Baseball Injury Database
Advanced Baseball Injury Database - Tim Lincecum

I hope to perform some statistics-based work on the corrected data and see if we can find a meaningful link between PITCHf/x values, injuries, and data about a player’s anthropometry (height, weight, age).

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