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Soliciting Feedback from You!

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As my various partnerships and deals with facilities get wrapped up (I wish I could talk more about this, but can’t at the moment), I’ve been focusing quite a bit on marketing the blog and the training that we do at Driveline Baseball for Seattle-based athletes. With that comes a steady increase in traffic to the blog and a lot of hits to our training sites – both our Pitching Program and our Strength and Conditioning subpages. (Our hitting page is coming soon.)

Those subpages were written quite some time ago, and while I’m mostly happy with the content on them, they definitely need to be updated. And that’s where you come in – the reader! I want to know what you would like to know about our business: How we train athletes, what we do for corrective exercise, how we use motion capture, etc.

I’d also like to hear suggestions for main blog content, as I plan on ramping up posting frequency over the next few months.

The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation: You get more insight as to how we train baseball athletes, and I get some great ideas for blog content!

Feel free to comment to this post, or if you want to share your details privately, visit our Contact page for ways to get in touch with me.

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