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Programming Mistake Numero Uno

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We’re right in the middle of the busiest time for our athletes – Summer baseball season is here and Fall Ball is just around the corner! With it comes diminished time for Strength and Conditioning training, as I pointed out in In-Season Training: A Difficult Task. However, too many athletes get wrapped up in not being able to follow what they think they should be doing for strength training and end up doing nothing. Don’t overthink it!


Yes, you’re going to lose some strength during the season if you play competitive baseball (unless you’re a rank novice). Don’t sweat it! If you can get two training sessions in per week with heavy barbell implements, you’ll be doing alright. Just remember to get a heavy squat session and a heavy deadlift session in. Don’t worry so much about pressing, as it can interfere with baseball – especially if you’re a pitcher!

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. If you’re too worn-down to squat heavy weights, go lighter and turn it into a metabolic conditioning workout. Do interval training centered around bodyweight movements. Focus on those flexibility and mobility drills that you’ve been ignoring (I know you have, don’t even act like you do ankle mobility drills and sleeper stretches every day). Pull some resistance bands.

Above all – do something!

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