I’m pleased to announce that we will be slowly transitioning our Driveline Biomechanics Laboratory into a more general term, namely the Driveline Sports Science Lab. While we started years ago with the lofty goal of digitizing kinematic data of pitchers and picking apart training modalities based on our findings, we have progressed significantly farther since then.

While we haven’t written much about the facility upgrades, I assure you that we’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes. Here’s a list of what we’ve been working on and what you can expect if you decide to train here in our Elite Pitcher Program:

High-Speed Video Analysis

High Speed Video

Our Sports Science Lab has high-speed cameras available for every single athlete throwing in a pitching group. That’s right – not just one high-speed camera, but multiple ones for use by ANY pitcher to evaluate their mechanics, training methods, and movement patterns.

Four-Camera Synchronized System

Four Camera System

The throwing bullpen area has a professional mound with MLB length and slope unlike your average cheaply-built indoor mounds. This mound features a four-camera synchronized camera system which captures your pitching mechanics in real-time and is available for viewing on one of our two external monitors installed specifically for clients to review their mechanics.

Video Overlay Technology

Pitch Overlay
Do your pitches get hit hard despite great movement and velocity? Most pitching coaches simply guess at how to get guys out. We’ve developed a scientific way of attacking hitters. In our database of seven full minor and major league baseball seasons, we have every single pitch thrown during the regular season and playoffs. Using this data, we created an exhaustive list on what sequences of pitches get hit hard and likely trajectories of each ball. Ever see the guy throwing 97+ MPH but getting shelled yet watch Koji Uehara of the Boston Red Sox sit guys down with an 88 MPH fastball where they are swinging and missing? We can teach you how to create that kind of deception, and it has nothing to do with “hiding the ball” or other useless coaching tips.

EMG Sensors

EMG Sensors

Biomechanics only tell you so much – it’s not enough to know the what. We must know the how. But to find out how your body produces the movement patterns you see on high-speed video, you need to analyze the underlying muscle activity. EMG sensors can tell you that, but most on the market are highly intrusive and/or bulky, requiring wires all over the place. Not at the Driveline Sports Science Lab, where our sEMG sensors stick easily on the body without affecting release velocity or mechanics. We use these sensors to really validate what training modalities do for our pitchers and to monitor recovery.

Force Plate Analysis

Force Plate

Ground reaction forces are everything. The pitching delivery starts with a transfer of weight from the back side to the front side, initiating linear movement… and if that movement isn’t ideally timed or explosive enough, you dump speed-strength right off the bat. Force plate analysis measures the efficiency, peak power production, and rate of force development of an athlete from both a bilateral and unilateral sense. By analyzing force production curves against time, we can design better training methods to bring out the elite athlete inside you.

Advanced Weight Room

Weight Room

She doesn’t look like much, but she’s got it where it counts. The Driveline Sports Science weight room is fully-equipped with a wide variety of specialty barbells, cardio equipment (ergometer, Prowler sled), specialty equipment (glute-ham raise, cable machine with multiple attachment points), and everything in-between to make you a stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete.

We’ve got so much more to offer, from unparalleled arm care methods using manual therapy, muscle energy techniques, wrist weight protocols, and specifically-tailored mobility drills to best-in-class velocity development programs using custom-manufactured weighted baseballs, but I think we’ve covered enough for now.

Visit us today and see why we’re the only training facility that blends hardcore science with hardcore training to develop elite pitchers.