While I was going through my huge library of pitching clips (over 3 GB at this point), I found one of my favorite examples that shows how complicated the 95 MPH delivery can be.

Enter Andrew Cashner, a man who can throw 100 MPH:

Andrew Cashner's Pitching Mechanics

Andrew Cashner’s Pitching Mechanics

Note where the video is slowed down. It’s not rotation, it’s not linear momentum, it’s both. This movement cannot be trivialized, and furthermore, it can’t be taught as a series of drills.

95+ MPH velocity doesn’t come out of the arm through conscious thought and simple checkpointing in the delivery. There is a certain amount of violence and sacrifice of tangible control that goes into it. If you try to consciously control your pitching arm or upper trunk at the speeds that they rotate, you are doomed to throw no harder than 85 MPH – at best.

Just a quick thought for this Sunday!

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