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Kits built for catchers who are ready to find out how good they can get. Combined with the accompanying program, catchers can go to work with the right equipment and a development plan to reach their goals.

Receiving Kit – You already know receiving is as important as it gets, when it comes to what position players can do to help win games. This kit, while simple in it’s contents, pack some serious receiving challenges. The overload and oversized ball helps catchers beat the ball to the spot without getting knocked around. The miniature balls require precision. Mixed weights challenge speed and timing to getting to pitches in every part of the zone. The weighed ball tries to knock your glove back and pull it out of the zone. The wrist weight tries to slow you down and keep you down. Can you keep your technique? The receiving program that is included progresses through drill work to help you become the receiver/blocker you want to be.

Complete Catcher’s Kit – This kit was built for the athletes determined to get better in all the defensive skills of catching. The included program that utilizes Driveline throwing gear and receiving equipment is designed to develop receiving, blocking, and throwing skills.

  • Build arm strength and drop your pop time. PlyoCare and Leather Weighted Balls for Velocity Training.
  • Train an arm built for the full season. J-Bands, Wrist Weights, and a Mini-Trampoline for warmup and recovery.
  • Develop the strength and timing to frame pitches how you want. PlyoCare, Weighted Baseballs, and Wrist Weights in receiving work.
  • Make faster decisions and be in a better position for blocks. Overspeed training with underload (3oz, 4oz) baseballs.
  • Gain confidence in managing the strike zone. Precision in framing Mini PlyoCare Balls.

Workhorses behind the plate deserve tools that are as tough as them, like the Driveline PlyoCare Balls, Wrist Weights, and Weighted Baseballs backed by the industry’s best warranty.

“This is the best I’ve ever felt, and the most confident I’ve ever been in my skills behind the plate.”


These gear kits are designed to equip the athlete with the necessary tools to become the catcher they want to be. Whether you are focusing on receiving or developing all the skills behind the plate, our catching bundles are built to help you reach your goals.

Receiving Kit

  • PlyoCare® Balls: Green 1kg, Blue 450kg, Gray 150kg
  • 2 Mini PlyoCare® Balls
  • 1 Wrist Weight 2.5kg
  • 11oz Leather Weighted Baseball
  • Driveline LAX Ball
  • Driveline Catching Program

Complete Catcher’s Kit

  • Set of PlyoCare® Balls
  • Set of Leather Weighted Baseballs
  • Set of Mini PlyoCare® Balls
  • 5kg Wrist Weight Set
  • 2kg Wrist Weight Set
  • Resistance J-Bands
  • Mini Trampoline
  • Driveline LAX Ball
  • Driveline Catching Program

These kits both come with a catching program. This program is meant to add velocity and drop your pop time, while developing framing and blocking skills. These kits provide a game plan and the tools to execute on catcher development training.


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