The Driveline Baseball Podcast – Driveline Baseball’s data-driven baseball training is changing and challenging the old school culture of baseball. Every week Driveline Baseball Founder and CTO Kyle Boddy and CEO Mike Rathwell Share the latest biomechanic research, training breakthroughs and Kyle’s occasional Twitter rants. If you are a dedicated coach or player that is always looking for an edge then podcast is for you.

Each episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast features three reoccuring segments Sunday Thunder Nuggets, Feature Presentations and Letters From Twitter. Sunday Thunder Nuggets is a breakdown of written articles that Kyle and Mike want to expand more on and give their take on the topic (Click here to sign up for the Driveline Newsletter and receive these articles each week!). Feature Presentations can range from guest interviews, player development topics and sit-downs with employees to get updated on the latest work being done at the Driveline facility. Coming in at the end of almost every episode is Letters From Twitter this segment Kyle and Mike expand on popular tweets whether it be a famous “Kyle rant” or a thread posted by a Driveline employee on a variety of topics.

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