Why do so many pitching coaches and websites focus on either throwing harder OR staying healthy?

Sure, each is important, but we tend to find that by focusing too much on either during training leads to poor outcomes.

To be clear, training to throw harder with no regard for arm fitness is a great way to increase your injury risk. You are layering stress on top of dysfunction.

Throwing with the intention to completely eliminate the risk of injury will down-regulate your effort, leading to little training gains and plateaus at your current level of performance.

Teaching athletes to throw harder while minimizing their injury risk is about improving your mechanical efficiency through smart training.

Ballistic Training: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to take your pitching performance to the next level? There is one easy way to get overlooked: throw with below average velocity.

Easiest way to ruin your chances of training to throw harder? Get hurt.

It’s just that simple. We’ve spent 6+ years and thousands of dollars researching training systems that work to minimize injury risk and maximize velocity.

We give away the fruits of that research for FREE in Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers. Why? We know by helping you get to the next level, you’ll join thousands of other athletes and coaches who have benefited from training ballistically.

Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers covers:

  • the science and research behind Ballistic Training.
  • a complete 11-week off-season throwing program
  • the importance of well-structured recovery

Read Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers now.

How to Pitch Better: A Guide to the 2 Critical Factors for Long-Term Success

  1. Training: You need to work harder to get better (and, the better you get, the harder you need to work)

Bonus Video – The Four Wrist Weight Drills We Do Every Day

  • A demonstration of the 4 wrist weight drills we do every day to train pronation timing, improve arm fitness and clean up arm path

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