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ArmCare Partnership Press Release

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Driveline and ArmCare.com Announce Partnership to Boost Player Performance and Health

Seattle, WA – May 27th, 2024 – Driveline Baseball, a pioneer in data-driven player development, and ArmCare.com, a leader in data-led arm care monitoring, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. 

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the pursuit of enhanced player performance and health, emphasizing a comprehensive, data-driven approach to velocity enhancement and individualized arm care programming.

A New Era in Player Development and Arm Health

This collaboration will set new standards in athlete care, combining Driveline’s innovative training methods and PULSE Throw Workload Monitor with ArmCare’s precision monitoring tools to create a more holistic approach to player development.

Mike Rathwell, CEO of Driveline Baseball, noted, “We are excited to announce our partnership with ArmCare, enhancing our offerings for our athletes. ArmCare’s innovative product aligns perfectly with Driveline’s core mission: improving athlete performance through data-driven training. We have integrated ArmCare into our industry-leading training system for our athletes in-gym or training at home, and we look forward to driving results for our athletes by optimizing their workloads.

Duggan Moran, President of ArmCare.com, added, “This partnership with Driveline represents a significant step towards transforming how athletes train and recover. Our combined efforts will standardize evaluations, improve return-to-performance programs, and develop cutting-edge monitoring strategies to ensure optimal health and performance.”

This strategic partnership focuses on establishing four core missions:

  1. Enhanced TRAQ Software Integration with ArmCare Metrics: Driveline will integrate ArmCare metrics into its TRAQ software, enhancing the precision of program adjustments. This integration will be the newest addition to Driveline’s player development system, which uses individualized athlete data to optimize training and performance outcomes.
  2. Daily Monitoring and Adaptive Training: Athletes at Driveline facilities in Washington and Arizona can undergo daily ArmCare assessments to tailor their training workloads. These evaluations will help guide daily adjustments and include post-training exams to monitor fatigue. This data-driven approach ensures optimal training adjustments, enhancing performance while monitoring recovery and preventing overtraining.
  3. Improved Return-to-Performance Programs: By leveraging ArmCare’s metrics, Driveline can further optimize therapy, recovery, and throwing re-education processes. This approach can improve return-to-performance programs, delivering improved results in a more personalized manner.
  4. State-of-the-Art Monitoring: This partnership will build an integration with ArmCare’s detailed arm function data and Driveline’s workload tracking sensor PULSE. This synergy creates a superior monitoring environment that improves daily monitoring while enabling athletes to safely push the boundaries of human performance.

For more details on this innovative partnership and what it means for athletes and coaches, please visit ArmCare.com and DrivelineBaseball.com.

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