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Q1 – 2023 Developer Notes

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  • The TRAQ platform now supports assigning multiple trainers to an athlete. This allows for more flexible coaching and training workflows, as well as better collaboration between trainers.

  • The Managed Athletes page in TRAQ has been optimized to decrease the average load time by 50%. This results in a faster and smoother user experience when managing athlete data.

  • Two new APIs have been added to TRAQ, enabling the ability to add User Assessments and create/edit Pitching and Strength Workouts programmatically. These APIs provide more flexibility and automation options for developers integrating with TRAQ.


  • The PULSE iOS app now includes new ball weight selections, designed to help athletes tailor their training to their specific needs. These new weight selections add more flexibility to the PULSE platform, allowing athletes to customize their workouts to achieve their goals more effectively.

Website (drivelinebaseball.com)

  • The website has been optimized to improve browsing and checkout speeds for users. This improvement results in a faster and smoother user experience when using the website, making it easier to browse and purchase products.

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