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Driveline Becomes West Coast League’s Official Player Development Partner

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Driveline and WCL

The West Coast League and Driveline Baseball are proud to announce a strategic partnership combining player development and playing experience.

Driveline Baseball becomes an “Official Player Development Partner of the West Coast League”, and will bring its analytical expertise, training resources, and education tools to coaches and players through various outlets.

What does this mean for the West Coast League?

The West Coast League’s 15 teams, ranging from Alberta and British Columbia down through Washington and Oregon, will be able to access educational resources and programming tools that are available through Driveline’s coaching certifications and Driveline’s programming software, TRAQ, which allows coaches to evaluate performance in ways beyond the box score. They can source this information to the players in order to boost their performance on the field.

An example of this includes the use of Driveline’s Pitch Charts reporting tool in TRAQ as well as additional TRAQ reports. Twelve of the fifteen teams in the West Coast League currently have a Trackman unit, and all teams are expected to have a unit by 2022. Trackman measures pitching metrics like velocity, release point, spin rate, and pitch location. On the hitting side, exit velocity, launch angle, and spray angle are all measured as well. TRAQ’s Pitch Charts tool analyzes this information and displays it in a way that is more easily digestible to the athlete. These reports can be provided to an athlete on a regular basis to track improvements over time.

Additionally, West Coast League teams will have the mid-season opportunity to bolster their rosters with Driveline-trained athletes who are eager to take their development to the next level with game action in the west’s premier summer collegiate league.

What does this mean for summer collegiate athletes?

Athletes will no longer be left with the decision between training or playing summer ball. They will have the option to train at Driveline for a 4-6 week training block to focus on a specific area of development. Then, they will have an opportunity to sign with a West Coast League team to put their skills to the test for the remainder of the WCL season.

What does this mean for Driveline Baseball?

Driveline Baseball has a local connection to send its collegiate summer athletes to interested teams in order for the athlete to receive game repetitions. The goal is to seamlessly transition athletes from a development focus into competition mode where the scores count, and the games matter.

Driveline recognizes that the purpose of development is to increase the ability to perform on the field in order to help the team win. This partnership exemplifies Driveline’s mission of using a data-driven approach to making athletes the best version of themselves on the field.

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