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Purchase Individual EDGE Reports inside TRAQ

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EDGE Reports are now available in TRAQ for individual purchase, regardless of your TRAQ subscription!

What is an EDGE Report?

EDGE Reports were developed by the Driveline R&D Department to help make the data we collect via multiple different technologies more digestible and easier for our trainers and athletes to understand. The reports come in the form of a PDF and are downloadable and printable—perfect for your developmental needs, as well as for recruiting and scouting.

What does this mean for me?

Being able to purchase EDGE Reports individually allows you to maximize the tech you are using. Whether you use a Blast or Diamond Kinetics bat sensor or are throwing in front of a Rapsodo or a TrackMan unit or with a Diamond Kinetics ball, you now have Driveline’s world-class reporting just one click away. 

What if I already have a TRAQ profile at a facility?

Whether you are an athlete or a trainer who has a TRAQ Basic account or a TRAQs subscription, you can now purchase a report without having TRAQx! 

What reports are available?

Swing Profile: Use a Blast or Diamond Kinetics bat sensor while you swing to generate data that uploads to your TRAQ profile. Generate a Swing Profile Report to see your strengths and weaknesses so that you’ll know how to optimally focus your training. Once you complete your training block, generate another Swing Profile Report to see how you’ve improved, and then plan out your next training block.

Pitching Snapshot: For the Driveline Pitching Snapshot, you will need access to a Rapsodo unit, a TrackMan unit, or a Diamond Kinetics ball in order to collect data. Once you have collected the data and it is in your TRAQ profile, simply generate a Driveline Pitching Snapshot to get an in-depth view of your arsenal and where you stack up against the competition at each level. 

How does it work?

See the video below for a demonstration!

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