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Driveline Baseball Podcast- EP. 20

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Driveline Baseball Podcast Episode 20: On this weeks episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast podcast Mike and Kyle kick off the podcast by discussing a recent article written by Ben Lindbergh of The Ringer titled “There’s (Almost) No Such Thing As a Top Pitching Prospect”. Mike and Kyle dissect the article and take a closer look at why almost all the top prospects in the minor leagues are hitters. This leads to a bigger discussion on the differences in developing pitching athletes and how it plays a role for all levels of athletes. To read the full article by Ben go to the episode resources below. To wrap up this week’s show Mike and Kyle discuss a recent thread on Twitter by Kyle talking about the rapid decline pitchers face as they get older. How do pitchers attack the inevitable decline in skill? Find out more by listening to the show!

Episode Resources:

Ben Lindbergh (Twitter): There’s (Almost) No Such Thing As a Top Pitching Prospect

Letters From Twitter: The Pitching Aging Curve

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