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Driveline Baseball Podcast- EP. 19

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Driveline Baseball Podcast Episode 19: On this episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast Mike and Kyle are joined by Driveline Pro day signee Robert Robbins. Robert was a standout from the biggest Pro day in Driveline’s history and signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs organization. Robert discusses his journey from D3 baseball all the way to the pros. Robert also talks about the things he did at Driveline that got him prepared to be at his absolute best on Pro Day. Harper Vs. Machado and who is going to get more has been a hot debate all off-season long, but now that there both signed what do Mike and Kyle think about both players. This week Mike and Kyle take a different approach to the Harper Vs. Machado debate by looking at it from a Risk standpoint. Which Franchises were best aligned to sign Harper or Machado and why are so many teams afraid to take Risks on players? Find out in this weeks brand new episode.

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Driveline Pro Day: In January of this year Driveline hosted our best Pro day to date bolstering the best lineup of Pitchers and Hitters we had to offer. With a total of 7 players signed we could not be more pleased of the results. Check out a highlight video here of some of the best moments from the day. Or check out this great article written by Fangraphs on how the day went here.

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