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Driveline Baseball Podcast- EP. 18

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Driveline Baseball Podcast Episode 18: On this episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast Mike and Kyle are joined by Pitching Coordinator Eric Jagers and Former Director of Pitching Matt Daniels who is now the Coordinator of Pitching Analysis for the San Francisco Giants. Matt and Eric join the show to further a previous discussion they had on Pitch Design (you can find this previous discussion here in episode 12). This time around they are here to give their thoughts on how coaches at smaller levels on low budgets can still execute this process. They also share what are some key factors in making sure you have a successful process for Pitch Design. Kyle and Mike also discuss our recent partnership with Kinatrax and our plan moving forward with markerless motion capture. Make sure and Subscribe to the show to be first notified of when the podcast is live.

Episode Resources:

Pitch Design: You can check out more work from on Pitch Design on our Blog page or you can visit DrivelinePlus where we have multiple videos discussing all things you need to know about pitch design.

Kinatraxbrings next generation markerless motion capture technology out of the academic arena and into the real world. Check out Kinatrax website to learn more about how they are bringing markerless motion capture to baseball.

Twitter: Follow Eric Jagers and Matt Daniels on Twitter!

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