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Pitch Tunneling, Featuring Kevin Gausman

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From today’s game (God bless technology):

Kevin Gausman - Pitch Tunneling
Kevin Gausman

What I said about Kevin Gausman in my 2012 MLB Draft Recap over at THT:

Gausman’s stuff is very good. I prefer guys who have learned a curve ball or at least supplement a side-to-side breaking ball (slider, cutter) with one, and a look at Gausman’s splits shows you why: He has been more effective against lefties than righties in 2012. A true curve ball will tend to yield lower platoon splits than sliders/cutters, and this can be a huge advantage for him as he transitions into professional baseball, making him hard to plan against with the opposing lineup card.

Conclusion: I like Gausman a lot. He is one of the few college pitchers in this lackluster draft who excited me. Great pick by the Orioles.

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