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Announcement: Taking Over as Director of Strength and Conditioning at RIPS Baseball!

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Over the past few years, I’ve been offered multiple positions with various select baseball teams in the Seattle area – ranging from head coach to head trainer for their kids. In every instance, I did my research and decided that it wouldn’t have been a good fit for our organization. My thoughts on “select” baseball aren’t all that kind; I’m fairly biased against these types of places, seeing them mostly as money sinks where the owners take a lot of money in and make false promises to their kids. I’ve seen it time and time again, and I have no interest in getting involved in that side of the business.

Additionally, I’m cut from a Midwestern cloth – I prioritize hard work and a gritty attitude, and that’s the kind of kid I want in my training program. Too many of the organizations in the area are all about aesthetics, cute uniforms, and “big name” coaches. That’s not my style.

When I was considering expanding my business and moving into a larger space, I sought some opinions from my Twitter followers. A loyal reader of mine (who I’ve been in touch with for years) suggested that I speak to Aaron Horrocks over at RIPS Baseball, since they were seeking a new trainer. I expressed my hesitation towards joining a select organization, and the person had known about my reservations. He told me to get in touch with Aaron and do some research, and that he thought I’d be surprised.

I drove down to meet Aaron at the RIPS facility, and the first thing I noticed was the level of care he clearly took at keeping the place up. Nine batting cages, a huge weight room, and everything in immaculate condition told me that he had a lot of pride in his training facility. We hit it off right away, and it wasn’t a few hours later that we basically decided some sort of partnership had to happen. Aaron clearly cared about his kids, and he sought the gritty hard-nosed kind of clients that I like to train. He’s a tough guy who can be hard on the kids, but just wanted the best for them.

Which brings us to this blog post: After a few months of deliberation and negotiation, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking over as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at RIPS Baseball! Current and future clientele of Driveline Baseball are welcome to work out at the RIPS location without being a member of the select team, and nothing will change there – except for the level of service and quality of the facility will go way up!

I look forward to sharing pictures, videos, and plenty of stories about the hard-working kids at RIPS Baseball and Driveline Baseball. I’ll be updating this site soon with the new location of the facility (Burien, WA) and the approximate date of our move-in.

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