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The Importance of Training Environment

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Jack, our throws athlete (meaning discus and shot put), wrote this great article about The Importance of Training Environment over at our other blog/site, Driveline Athletics. Here’s an excerpt:

At Driveline Athletics I’m surrounded by people who work hard and understand what training is and help you reach those goals. No one uses a pillow on squats or does bicep curls or stares at you like you are crazy. We play music we like; we’re not looked down upon when we throw bumper plates down: We understand what training is at Driveline Athletics.   I did not realize or understood how important these people at Driveline Athletics and environment were to my training. If you are struggling with form they will help you if you have a heavy squat set they will motivate you through it.  It has been harder than I thought to train in Maine and I will always take this into account. I will always try to be with people who want to train and work hard. I will always be grateful for what I have at Driveline Athletics. Remember to always train with people who want to train and work hard. It will make a huge difference in the long run.

Thanks, Jack!

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