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Product Recommendation: VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoes

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I own a pair of VS Athletics Dynamo Weightlifting shoes, and I get a ton of use out of them. I wear them while squatting, deadlifting, power cleaning, and yes, even benching. They have a slightly raised non-compressible heel that allows for good leg drive through the floor. And best of all, they were cheap compared to the alternatives, coming in at around $80! I bought my pair last year and they’ve lasted with no problems.

Well, today I found out that VS Athletics is selling them for $39! This is an unbelievable price. At $80 they’re a great investment – at $39, they are a must-buy.

VS Athletics Shoes

I get no affiliate kickbacks out of this, and the only business I’ve done with VS Athletics in the past is simply buying a pair of their Dynamos and recommending them to everyone else. The size runs true to standard sneaker size, so no weird adjustments need to be made.

Buy a pair today!

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