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New Hitting Testimonial

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While the focus of the blog is often on pitching, we coach a fair amount of hitters at Driveline Baseball. Here’s what a 13 year ex-MLB player with World Series experience had to say about my hitting instruction:

Kyle Boddy understands the mechanics of hitting a baseball and is able to teach it more clearly than any hitting coach I’ve come across in 13 years of playing in the minors and MLB. While several coaches in my experience knew their art, they weren’t as capable at explaining concepts and breaking down the mechanics as precisely as Kyle, relating it in an easy to understand and teachable manner. Even in retirement, I was able to pick up things just from reading a description of hitting that Kyle put together that I wish I could have had access to in my playing days. If you want to impress your friends, hire a former player. If you want to hit a baseball, hire Kyle.

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