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A Hypothetical Training Question…

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The current state of baseball training in the Seattle area is getting to me. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and we’re changing our business model shortly – little to no private training and moving entirely to low-cost semi-private training. However, there’s something I’d like to ask our readership in Seattle: Would you be interested in this training program?

  • Train 3-4 nights per week, approximately 90 minute sessions
  • Includes twice weekly cage time for hitting/throwing
  • Personalized programming for weight training, power development, speed/agility
  • Enrollment in the Velocity Development Program (good for pitchers and position players alike)

Price: Whatever you’re willing to pay.

Yes, seriously. I am considering opening it up to anyone and letting you dictate what the cost will be. I will disclose how much it costs to run my operations and you can pay me what you think it is worth.

However, there is a catch: If you habitually miss workouts, you are fired as a client. Oh, and you need to be either going into high school next year or already enrolled in HS/College somewhere.

I basically want to know how serious some people are in Seattle. Do you want to add fastball velocity, pounds to your squat, increase your bat speed, cut your 60 time, and become an awesome athlete? Are you dedicated and want to work your ass off to make it happen?

Driveline Baseball: Weight Room
Driveline Baseball: Weight Room

If so, let me know. If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll select the candidates that sound like they want to work hard and we’ll hold an initial training session and meeting to see if it’s a good fit.

Contact us today if you want to work hard. I want to make the opportunity available to everyone who wants it badly, regardless of income level and previous training status.

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