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News @ Driveline Baseball – 10/15/10

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It’s been a pretty crazy week, so I haven’t had much time to write longer blog posts about training aside from the Back Squat vs. Front Squat for Baseball Players post. So, I figured I would write a quick post and update the Internet with what’s new at Driveline Baseball and our facility!

  • North Seattle Baseball Association leases the facility that we run our business out of. They recently changed their Board of Directors and have been even more strongly committed to making improvements to both their league and the facility. I have pledged to donate and volunteer many of my hours to make this happen as well. Simply put, NSBA has the largest and most complete facility built inside the city limits of Seattle, and I want to see it succeed.
  • Matthew Wagshol (our biomechanics intern) has made significant progress in digitizing some test control objects and navigating through our complicated software package that we use to analyze a pitcher’s delivery in three dimensions. We received our custom PVC fittings to complete the final control matrix just a few days ago, and final construction on that will start early next week! Keep an eye open for our testing phase for biomechanical analyses for pitchers – we’ll be offering heavily discounted rates for our first few clients as we dial it in!
  • I’ve made significant progress on an injury database combined with a PITCHf/x database for baseball players. Soon you’ll be able to search for MLB players and get some very cool information about their disabled list histories, and for pitchers, PITCHf/x-related data. This has been a project in the works for quite some time, and I’ll be rolling out the beta project of it in a few weeks. Very excited to make this information public and hope that we can learn something about it as a community.

Well, time to wrap this post up and head over to the facility – my semi-private training group calls!

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