The last two weeks have been somewhat of a lost period for us at Driveline Baseball and RIPS Baseball, as flu-like illnesses are sweeping through the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had a particularly bad reaction to a bug, coming down with severe bronchitis and flu-like symptoms for over 9 days. My son is also quite ill, which means not a lot gets done at home or at work – so I have an email backlog that’s growing with every passing day. My apologies for the late responses and updates – I hope to purge the backlog fairly soon.

However, there is quite a bit of news to share, so let’s get down to it:

New Products for Sale: Weighted Baseballs and Bands

That’s right, Driveline Baseball will soon be offering weighted baseball sets for sale with a much wider range of weights than the currently-available options. They will come in sets of 3 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 7 oz, 9 oz, and 11 oz balls, and we’ll have 50 or so extra 3 oz. balls to sell since they seem to be hard to find these days.

Weighted Baseballs

I have the first sample here, and the quality is amazing. The only change we’ll be making is coloring the 9 oz. ball a bright emerald, since the bright/dark reds did not stand out all that well.

We’ll also be selling a set of six resistance bands in a portable bag with fence/frame anchors included.

More info on both of these products as it arrives, but I am hopeful that they will go on sale by the first week of March!

Supplements: Protein, Re-Hydration

We’re also manufacturing our own line of supplements, led by a high-quality protein mix (Velocity Protein) and a re-hydration drink mix (Rotational Fuel).

Driveline Supplements

We’ve already rolled them out in our facility, and they’ve gotten great reviews. Full production is expected to happen by the end of February!

New Commercial Video!

We recently had a short commercial video shot of our facility and processes by a professional videographer. I couldn’t be more happy about how it all turned out, and we will be using his services for our full DVD + book product (slated to come out in April 2013).

Check it out!

Recent College Commitments by Our Athletes

Two more college commitments/scholarships have been accepted by our athletes:

Michael Fairchild – Azusa Pacific University, SS/RHP

Karsten Sherman – Edmonds Community College, 1b/LHP

Both have garnered significant professional interest, so these schools may not be their final landing spots!

Reminder: Twitter Updates

While I don’t update this blog all that often, I post to Twitter almost daily. If you want to keep up with the latest news in the facility, product launches, or other tidbits of info, follow us @drivelinebases.

Elite Youth Pitching Book and Video Set!

The Dynamic Pitcher The Dynamic Pitcher has finally been launched - a 121 page comprehensive eBook and huge, detailed video set designed specifically for developing the elite youth pitcher. It represents years of work in the Driveline Biomechanics Lab and training center - it is a must-own for any parent or coach of a youth pitcher!

This book and video set covers topics ranging from dynamic warm-ups to velocity development to arm health to building pitchers who pound the zone using our newly designed Level Up! system that makes training feel like a video game. These methods have been tested and proven with the hundreds of youth pitchers that Kyle Boddy has worked with, and we know you'll love them too - we're so sure of it that the product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Go purchase The Dynamic Pitcher - you have nothing to lose!