We’ve been all over the Internet lately. Here’s where you can catch up on some podcast interviews we’ve done, articles for other sites we’ve written, and some old stuff to re-read.

  • Tarp Talk Podcast – Discussion of the Oakland A’s, Cleveland Indians, Jeanmar Gomez, Sonny Gray, pitching mechanics, training, and all around fun stuff
  • Inverted W Podcast-  Tongue-in-Cheek name, great interview questions that focused on the AL Central, Dylan Bundy, and how mechanics and training relate to one another
  • Ubaldo Jimenez’s mechanics – part one, and part two – over at The Hardball Times
  • Chris Sale’s faulty elbow at The Hardball Times

I should also mention that I spoke to Dylan Bundy’s (2011 MLB draft’s third pick) father (Denver Bundy, @denver_bundy on Twitter) for about 90 minutes the other day. We had a long chat about mechanics, training, and life, and his graciousness is only exceeded by his wealth of knowledge in those areas. Thanks again, Denver.

Denver Bundy's Tweet

Speaking of Dylan Bundy, you should read this old THT article where I praised his workouts. How’s he been doing again in pro ball since Baltimore took him with the 4th pick of the draft?

Dylan Bundy's Stats

You could call that “decent,” I guess.

We’ve also been super-active on our YouTube channel, including videos about our upcoming comprehensive book on training for fastball velocity.

Elite Youth Pitching Book and Video Set!

The Dynamic Pitcher The Dynamic Pitcher has finally been launched - a 121 page comprehensive eBook and huge, detailed video set designed specifically for developing the elite youth pitcher. It represents years of work in the Driveline Biomechanics Lab and training center - it is a must-own for any parent or coach of a youth pitcher!

This book and video set covers topics ranging from dynamic warm-ups to velocity development to arm health to building pitchers who pound the zone using our newly designed Level Up! system that makes training feel like a video game. These methods have been tested and proven with the hundreds of youth pitchers that Kyle Boddy has worked with, and we know you'll love them too - we're so sure of it that the product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Go purchase The Dynamic Pitcher - you have nothing to lose!