The Hitting Intern Blog | Driveline Week 6

As a coach, I have probably used the word “compete” in a sentence way too many times. We are never satisfied with how our team competes during a loss to a team we feel we should beat. We also use this word to keep morale high in the clubhouse or to boost our egos when we played a good team close but...


The Hitting Intern Blog | Driveline Week Three

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling Sundays are for rest and “family time”, which consists of me Facetiming with my wife and three boys. Throughout the week I am lucky enough to receive Marco Polos from them, as they like to show me they can hit a baseball or not hit a baseball, ride a bike down a hill,...


The Hitting Intern Blog | Driveline Week 2

Stopped In My TRAQ I had a different approach as I entered Week Two of my internship here at Driveline. I’m not feeling like a deer in headlights on a freeway. I now have to navigate my own progression on a daily basis. At the beginning of the week, I shadowed Hetz during his swing design appointmen...


The Hitting Intern Blog | Driveline Baseball Week 1

For the next 12 weeks, I will be posting a weekly update of what I am learning here at Driveline Baseball. I will be talking about my thoughts going in, and at the end of each week, I will focus on the material that I learned, observed, and/or material I discussed with trainers or trainees. I am mai...