Data-driven programs that work,

How Online Trainees Get Results

Work hard



Track workouts

We’ve spent years engineering this online training program to ensure athletes training away from the gym can get results.

It takes an abnormal commitment level to get abnormal results. What type of commitment are we looking for?

15-20 hours of work per week on top of practice, schoolwork, and extracurriculars. Logging workouts daily so our trainers can tailor-make programs for you. Regular communication about your program and upcoming schedule.

Is Online Pitching The Right Program For You?

Let us get to know you and what type of programming is best suited for you.

Pitching Program

Our throwing program adapts to your inputs. Our throwing trainer’s factor in skill level, time of year, your goals and your current schedule to put you in the best position to improve yourself as a pitcher.

Strength Program

Strength is integral to your pitching success. This isn’t just some throwing program. Our mechanic’s work starts in the weight room and you’ll need access to one to train online. We adapt our program to meet your experience level and limiting factors and tie it all into your throwing program.


Trainers are here to help athletes get better and answer any questions about the programming you have. Trainers work on a 48-hour window to respond to athletes with feedback on questions or videos.

Who Is A Good Fit For Online Pitching?

Individual responsibility is incredibly important to get the most out of your investment in Online Pitching.

Our trainers learn about you through the initial screen and your ongoing workout tracking put together a plan to help you be a better pitcher. 

Ultimately, our goal to help you become the best version of yourself is to become independent. Athletes who are their own coaches can sustain their performance in difficult environments. We help that process by giving you access to your performance data and educating you on how to think about it. 

  • Training online is at times lonely and frustrating. Online Pitching is for serious athletes. Serious athletes do not need to be reminded to get enough sleep or complete their workouts.
  • It is your responsibility to track your weights and complete workouts so trainers can follow along with your progress and give you the best programming possible.
  • It is your responsibility to be communicative with your trainer to optimize your throwing and lifting schedules.
  • We do not strive to create a relationship where the athlete is codependent on us as a coach. We seek to be a bridge for dedicated athletes to learn how to own their careers and their results.