Pitching Mechanics Myths: Chin to Target, Release Ball Closer to the Plate

While I’m working on my book – Hacking The Kinetic Chain – there are a few blog posts I feel like I need to make because of myths that are constantly perpetuated about pitching mechanics that are pretty ridiculous and also easily disproved. Since I sublease space from North Seattle...


Mariners "No-Weight" Training Room – A Nonsensical Lie

It seems as though I hear about the Seattle Mariners lack of weight lifting in their new training program about once a week. This myth is complete garbage, and it’s perpetuated by training facilities in the Pacific Northwest like WBI Sports. They even run a banner that claims that weights have...


Myth: Strength Training is Not Specific to Baseball Pitching

This myth has been perpetuated throughout baseball, from the lowest to the highest levels and all around the world. Frankly, it’s a load of BS. It’s very simple to understand without getting too deep into the physics of the movement, so we’ll keep it short. You can find no shortage...