“” Driveline Baseball Open Data Project

Crowdsourcing Research to Move Baseball Forward

Collaborate with Driveline’s Research Team

How Does Driveline Think About Research?

Driveline Baseball deploys a two-part research approach.

First, we evaluate peer-reviewed sport science articles looking for testable hypotheses relevant to our athletes.

Second, we try to replicate those studies to determine the validity of their findings with a larger or different population of athletes from the original studies.

Facility owners and coaches across the country can now help with those studies and gain access to the insights before we publish them. 

Are You a Data-Driven Coach?

You already write everything down. Help us aggregate that data to get better insights across a wider pool of athletes.

Let us know how you have used Driveline Programming and equipment in the past.

Some Projects You Could Work On

Velocity Training Data Capture

Training velocity numbers is vital to a players success. A larger sample size is always beneficial when trying to better understand how athletes are adapting to our programming. See how we can use the data here

Comparison of Stress Levels with Motus Sleeve

The Motus Sleeve widens the range of coaches and players who can use biomechanics to help their training process. There are a number of projects that we can tackle by knowing more about pitchers arm stress. Examples of how we can use the data here and here.

Force Production and Transfer Studies

Do you use VBT in the weight room? Force plates? Omegawave? If you use technology to guide your training process reach out and we can come up with a creative project to learn more about pitching training. See examples of what we can do here and here.

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