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Featured Products

Smash Factor Balls

Because they’re softer than regular baseballs, Smash Factor Balls allow your hitters to take as much high velo batting practice as they need without hurting their hands or breaking their bats, thereby replicating game conditions as closely as possible in training environments.

Smash Factor Balls do this while flying “true” out of high velocity machines and giving hitters exaggerated contact quality feedback (similar to a hitting plyo) so they can adapt their swing as they train.

Expansion PlyoCare Balls

+ PlyoVelo Calculator

PlyoCare Balls have been a staple of Driveline pitching training since we first introduced them. But this year we brought plyo programming another step forward by adding four new ball weights and publicly releasing our free PlyoVelo Calculator. The calculator answers a simple but nagging question in plyo training: is this pitcher’s velo on a given drill good or bad?

Armed with the answer to that question, the calculator suggests over- or under-loaded programming using our new plyo options allowing coaches and pitcher to individualize training to their particular needs.

Come by our booth to demo all of these (including the calculator) and more, and get an extra 10% off when you purchase at ABCA.


Hacking The Kinetic Chain: Hitting

It’s so much more than a book. Hacking The Kinetic Chain: Hitting is the complete guide to the Driveline Baseball hitting program.

The guide includes the “why” behind Driveline’s hitting program, an overview of “The Big 3” of hitting (bat speed, bat to ball skills, and swing decisions), and our complete in-season & off-season programming (with accompanying video library).

Written by Jason Ochart, the founder of Driveline Baseball’s hitting program, and Max Dutto, Driveline’s Director of Player Development, with help from Director of Hitting Tanner Stokey and the rest of the Driveline hitting team, this is a must-have for coaches serious about data-driven hitting training.

Pre-order at ABCA (full release: 1/16) for an additional 10% off.

TRAQ for data-driven baseball player development.

Spend less time on tedious computer tasks and more time actually coaching your athletes. That’s the promise of TRAQ, the software we built as the operating system for Driveline’s gyms.

TRAQ is the simplest way to schedule workouts, program your athletes, set goals, review video and incorporate data from different hitting and pitching technologies. It’s a game-changer for any school or facility incorporating tech.

That’s why D1 schools like Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Harvard, and more use TRAQ to run their programs.

Schedule a free demo to explore if TRAQ is right for you while at ABCA by clicking here.


Driveline PULSE is the heartbeat of your
pitching development plan.

Your pitching program is only useful if your pitchers actually follow it. Enough guessing how many throws your pitchers are making. Enough relying on “feel” to ramp up or down intensity in bullpens.

The PULSE Workload Monitor sensor measures exactly how many throws your pitchers are making (including warm-ups, PFPs, and, of course, bullpens) and the actual intensity of their workload.

Then, with PULSE DASH, all of that data is compiled in one place so you can track and adjust throughout the season so that your pitching program gets implemented exactly how you want.

See PULSE sensors at our booth and schedule a demo of PULSE DASH at ABCA.


If the team solutions available on our shop do not fit your organization’s needs, please fill out the following form to request a custom quote. After completing the form, a Driveline CR team member will get back to you as soon as possible to get things started. Please note that custom quotes are only available for team-level orders and is a Driveline PLUS exclusive offering (if you are not already a Driveline PLUS member, the subscription can be a part of your custom quote).

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